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Ayer Keroh Recreational Forest
Ayer Keroh Recreational Forest

A serene setting of tropical forests awaits discovery. Untouched to enable visitors to truly experience a leisurely walk through a tropical haven. The trees are labeled making it fun and an educational for a quick lesson in Malaysia's rich flora and fauna.

The Camping ground set within the zone designated for camping encompasses 10 hectares within the forest and basic facilities such as water and electricity are provided. There are barbecue pits and also special areas for campfires and a physical exercise area.

* Rates: 50 sen per person per night
Campers have to provide their own camping equipment

Furthermore, you can also enjoy having picnics or an adventurous jungle trekking. For those who love jogging, there are jogging tracks laid out within the forest including a par-fitness course for health conscious. Meanwhile for those who just love to be inspired by the nature you can have a leisurely strolls and make a nature observation.

Stroll around the forest and see nature at its best amidst and cool green surroundings. Clearly marked trails enable visitors to move around at leisure. Nature enthusiast would find such elements to fascinate them. Certain species of tress have been clearly marked and labeled to facilitate identification. Observe birds and insects from specially constructed tree house within the forest.

Other than that, Air Keroh Recreational Forest also has a Prehistoric Park, Story Land, Aboriginal Park and a Deer Park. The Prehistoric Park is a recreation of an imaginary land of ancient times featuring almost life-like replicas of prehistoric animals found on Earth more than 70 million years ago.

The story land is specially created for children featuring a variety of popular animal tales found in local folklore. Fine craftsmanship is displayed in the creation of animal replicas in different setting based on the story line. Within each setting is an "open book" on which the story is written. The featured stories include the following:

  • The Hare and the Tortoise
  • The Intelligent Crow
  • The Squirrel and the Sparrow
  • The Mousedeer and the Crocodiles

The Aboriginal Park is aimed at promoting the revival of the Orang Asli culture, customs and traditions which forms a part of our national culture heritage. The Park features six different Orang Asli dwellings representing six sub-groups, a ceremonial house "Rumah Sewang" a Museum and a Blow Pipe arena.

For further information, please contact:

Air Keroh Recreational Forest Information Centre
Tel: +606 231 6295
Fax : +606 232 2867




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